Win2you has the key to your project’s success. In just a short time, there will be an IT professional at your disposal delivering the desired skill set. 

We implement our network of over 8000 professionals with outstanding, well-documented experience as system and network specialists, developers, project managers, business analysts, testers, supporters, etc. to source and present to you the specialist with the skill set required for your project. The process generally only takes 2-3 business days.

IT departments have to meet increasingly demanding requirements. Budgets are being cut, there is a general scarcity of qualified workers and projects have to be realised rapidly within a tight time frame. It is precisely in these situations where win2you can provide the support you need – quickly, efficiently and under attractive conditions.

The selections placed at your disposal are based on a broad range of options. We recruit freelance IT professionals from all over Europe. The majority of them have a university degree or proven comparable experience. External workers prove to be valuable assets, as they are competent, industrious, think entrepreneurially and work efficiently.

We look forward to including you in the long list of clients impressed by our services. Give us a call to test and see for yourself!

  • Project-related assignments (external workers for a temporary assignment)
  • Personnel resources (assumption of human resources tasks)
  • Payroll (all tasks in connection with wages)
  • Direct hiring (takeover of clients / intermediary tasks)
  • Consulting / outsourcing
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